Last Daze, meet Evelyn: 

I was born in cuba on June 4, 1986, I went to live in Ecuador since I was 11 years old, since I was a little girl I was fascinated by the photos and I always took pictures at parties, I was the one who took photos hahahah, graduated from school and studied Marketing for companies, start with modeling and for many years I worked as a model, I loved something and where I also acquired knowledge of photography and how to direct the models, 3 years ago I began to make portraits of my friends models, travel To Argentina to study image advice in Argentina and I got involved in photography more and more being there, then return to Ecuador and do not stop until now to take photos, I always focus on getting the most natural of each, I do not use almost Makeup in my photos and I have fascination for the photos on the beach.
At this moment I know that this is what makes me happy every day and I love photography

LD x

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