"The universe of Mel Seser is intercepted by influences ranging from art direction to make-up and film lighting. Her style has been defined by the film, fashion and black music; as well as by Aldo Bressi techniques, and the visual language of Tim Burton and Woody Allen. Mel has built an intimate world that transcends time zones and borders from their publications in Brazil, Mexico, NYC, London, Canada, Australia and Italy.

The influences and artistic aspirations of this universe find their mirror in the following quote from Ansel Adams, "Photography do not only with the camera, you do it with all pictures you have seen, all the books you've read, with all music you've heard, and all the people that you loved."

Open a door is just another way to open a mystery. "Avant" ..WORDS BY SOL LAMETTI.


Peep her work here: http://www.melseser.com/

Or stalk the instagram @MELSESER