Natalija is a freelance photographer and poet from Toronto, currently living in London. She decided she needed a change in her lifestyle and everyday routine, so she postponed university and packed all her belongs in a suitcase and moved to London on her own in search of adventure and freedom. 

In between working she travels as much as she can and always tries to shoot new faces wherever she goes. A couple weeks ago she travelled to Glasgow, Scotland where she scouted a model on Instagram. She wanted to shoot in the great outdoors in the highlands of Scotland. After finding a insane location located an hour and half away from Glasgow, she and her model took a bus through the countryside and then hiked 5 kms to the location. With not much knowledge of where it was they finally made it and it was well worth the hike. It felt like a movie set off a Lord of the Rings movie, the rocks formed like caves and the river flowed the colour of red blood. It was definitely one of the most unique locations she had ever shot at. The results of the shoot where everything and more that she could of hoped they would be. The experience in itself was great and this shoot will be remembered for awhile. 


Stalk the Instagrams @natalijaphotographs // MUSE: @jess_arnold14 // HMUA: @lornafergusonmua