Constantly striving to create interesting portraits, stories or capture life’s fleeting moments, Sean is a passionate photographer rarely putting the camera down. “I feel lost if I go more than a couple of days without shooting, if that happens I need to grab a friend, often a musician or model and just go shooting. They are some of my favourite shoots, no plans, just enjoy the moment”. Having left his full time job 4 years ago, Sean is creating his own path in the busy Melbourne Photography world both in the music and commercial world. “It’s been hectic and hard work but easily the most rewarding thing I‘ve done, and I’m loving every dam minute of it!”. Professionally, Sean has a strong interest in portraiture, commercial and corporate work. He completed his honors in Marketing (with a thesis on Authenticity within the music industry) and worked in Marketing while studying photography at Photography Studies College. This combination has given him a strong understanding of brands and how to communicate a message through an image while maintaining true to the brand.However what drives him most is simply photographing people. “At the end of the day I just love taking peoples portraits more than anything, hopefully I will be doing that for many years to come..”


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Or stalk the Instagrams:  @smcdphotography // MUSE: @viktoriaabraham