By the time Lamson reached age 12, the grunge movement was in full effect. His teenage cousin came to live with his family in Portland, Oregon, bringing along her guitar. She taught Lamson how to play Nirvana songs, and he quickly became obsessed with music. High school saw him branded as one of the “artsy” kids, he took photography classes and played in garage bands. He worshipped the likes of Andy Warhol and idolized David Bowie, he delighted in designing flyers for his bands’ shows as he saw each flyer as an opportunity to create something unique. Collage and photocopy became a way to communicate a message to the world. It is this interest in art and visual communication that led Lamson to Art Center College of Design in Los Angeles, where he currently study graphic design with an emphasis in motion graphics. He is currently enjoying a design internship at Motion Theory and look forward to graduating from Art Center with my BFA in 2012. Lamson To freelances as a motion graphic designer and animator, fashion photographer, and videographer, and we're kinda obsessed with what he does. 

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