The People Vs. dream was born from a desire to make high quality, vintaged-inspired fashion for the people. Our journey began with a small space in the alleys of Bali, trawling flea markets for silhouettes and experimenting with washing, dying and printing techniques. 

Giving a voice to the anti-establishment, The People Vs. celebrates ageless rebellion and welcomed free-spiritedness. Through a unique process called ‘boutique laundering’ each garment is individually detailed for that authentic 90s grunge feel with rips and abrasions then finished with a super soft wash for the brand’s signature look.

With a post-apocalyptic 'Mad Max' feel, for our new MMXVI Womens 2nd Collection we have collaborated with photographer @yasminsuteja & videographer @kaleneville for Culture Machine featuring Australian model @brittanyodell. This story features our iconic staples including new Surplus Motor Jackets, signature distressed denim, destroyed moth holes tops on a barefaced natural beauty with windswept long locks.


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@THEPEOPLEVS // Muse - Brittany Odell @brittanyodell // Digital - Yasmin Suteja @yasminsuteja (Culture Machine) // Film - Kale Neville @kaleneville (Culture Machine)