I mean, we fall in love quite a bit here at Last Daze. How could you not when there is so much god damn talent in the world? Briony Douglas, is no exception. The banging talent from Toronto is killing it when it comes to photograhy. In fact, every set she submitted we wanted (greedy, but honest!) We can't wait to show you what else this talent has created. We asked her to share a little about herself so we got to know more about this enigma and this is what she had to say "I love creating images that allow the person viewing to feel like the are watching through a key hole. Being an artist since a kid I believe has allowed me to have a different approach to my shoots, its not just a pose but a moment or a feeling I want to capture. A short time ago I decided to seriously pursue my career in photography and @dontfeedtheunicorn was created. " and we love her


Peep her work here at ; dontfeedtheunicorn.com

Or stalk the instagrams at : @dontfeedtheunicorn  // MUSE : Amy Mackenzie @amy_mack_style