Hailing from Wollongong, Australia. 12 Months ago, Hamilton bought his first camera with the intention of getting into portrait shooting. After shooting on digital for a while, he decided he needed to get back to basics and got himself a Canon AE-1 Program., and he fell in love. "I've really fallen in love with film, sometimes it's a lucky dip, but when it pays off it is so worth the expense and effort. I have been combining both digi and film on all of my shoots ever since. Self taught, I feel my work has both a rawness and naive beauty as I slowly find my own style and direction. "   Safe to say this little discovery of Rowan Hamilton was one of the most amazing in 2016, and we cannot wait to see what he does in 2016


Peep his work here: rowanhenry.com
Or stalk the Instas @rowanhenry // MUSE @jadeamberwilliams_ @ss_bbr