It takes a lot for a fashion brand to stand out in a heavily flooded market. It takes even more for them to stay rue to their aesthetics and heritage without becoming a follower and failing in with the rest of the crowd. The People Vs have managed to do that. We love these babes for many reasons. Their badass designs, their ability to cater to all whilst still being unique. It's a rare quality. However it was their beginnings that probably inspired us to fall in love with The People Vs the most., Born a few years back by a few pals who had a burning desire to create vintage-inspired grunge fashion fundamentals for the moment. (see why we're in love from that little moment shared/) 

They began with asmall boutique space in the alleys of Bali, and from that as most of you would know  have a solid base between Sydney and NYC.York. Trawling flea markets to perfect their silhouettes , not mention the countless hours spent  experimenting with washing, dying and printing techniques the time and love invested in The Peoples Vs is second to none. 

With the help of photographer Joe Termini and babes Hayley Baldwn and Jordan Barrett (@iblamehordan for those of you instacreeps playing at home) their latest collection Freedom, was the perfect way for us to introduce The People Vs to our Last Daze family. This is just the beginning for Last Daze and The People Vs. and with a welcoming like this, we know you're all keen to seen what's next, stay tuned!


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