My name is... Brooke Olimpieri


But most people call me... Filthy


And you can find me... In California, with my toes in the sand.. But sometimes Im in Vegas too. 


If I could describe my work in 5 words they would be.... 


Filthy, raw, ironic, alluring, intoxicating. 


I started taking photos... In my early 20's, living in vegas at the peak of the club industry boom, we would always be out, and I always had a disposable film camera on me. I have some really raw and wild photos from that time period. Im sure a few people would be surprised at the images I have of them. We were always pretty fucked up. 


My very first photo I took was... I honestly can't remember. But I can tell you that my favorite photo I take is ever changing. And is usually whatever shoot I am currently working on. It always gets better and is constantly evolving. I love the excitement of the chase. 


My favorite story that Ive shot so far... Is probably a shoot I did called "White Girl Problems".. I shot it of a couple of my favorite girls, Stacey & Shelly.  They hadn't met before, but got along fantastically. And it was magical. 


You may be surprised to learn that my hidden talent is.. Well, Im not trying to brag.. But I'm pretty creative. I have a clothing company called Filthy Mouth Clothing, I literally sew every piece of clothing myself, from pattern making to end. Its all done by me.. And.. I am a really good cook, my husband likes to describe me as a chef.. 


The one person I would love to shoot but still haven't... Um, Kate Moss duh. I might throw up before, but I would kill it with Kate. 


Hypothetical question.... I would go to Tokyo Japan, and take 3 of my favorite girls, we would explore, and drink, and have a blast. I would capture gold. (imagine the end of the Hangover movies, when they show the photos at the end of the credits..)


In 5 years time you'll find me... Doing exactly what Im doing now, but more! Hopefully! And with a child.. I think. :-)

You can find me...


And thats all folks..!