One of Last Daze's favorite photographers, Rupert La Montagne sets the standard for effortless imagery. He flawlessy presents his first feature for Last Daze with his main muse Teodora. .With a knack for capturing beauty and a way of engaging his viewer with just one click. The Canadian born photographer is anything but a wallflower when it comes to producing spine tingling work. Ask him about his work, and he's a man of few words, but really, who needs words when your work is this good "the storytelling aspect of photography is what really drew me to it. Ive always been obsessed <<what is not on the picture>>, what the photographer decides to crop out or leave half way in the picture".

 This is just the beginning of the Last Daze relationship with Rupert, stay tuned for what's around the corner from this talent. 


Stalk his instagram @rupertlamontagne