The amazing Kazim Gunyar delivers some of the most eye catching editorials we've seen in a while. Spending his time between the US and Berlin, the international there's a reason his talent cannot be contained to one country. His ability to capture textures and movement crossed with his eye for colour and undoubted ability to bring out the best in every model has us hanging for the next instalment from Gunyar. Here with his muse Sabyr Owens, who has a set of pins that Beyonce would be jealous of, 7/11 seemed to be the fitting track to this set, right here thanks to the magic that is Gunyar, Sabyr is fresher than you.


Check out Kazim's full gallery at KAZIMGUNYAR.COM or if you're on the book

or get all up on their Instagram accounts: @KAZIMGUNYAR and muse Sabyr @SABYR_OMENS