RVCA celebrated the launch of the Sunday Collection by hosting an intimate brunch at the Line Hotel with the campaign's face, Cailin Russo.  Sunday  is inspired by the comfort Sundays bring - it's all about easy to wear stylish pieces that can easily transition from at-home comfort to cruising about your day. No frills, soft fabrics, layering pieces in relaxed fits that will make you wish there was a day betweenSaturday and Sunday. The collection can be worn underneath as intimates or effortlessly be styled as outerwear. 


RVCA has a special place in Last Daze's heart. Originally hailing from Costa Mesa, the crazy success that the brand has experienced since launching in 2010 really isn't a surprise to our team who have been wearing their ANP collaborations for years, in fact it is some of RVCA's first designs that kick started our love of tees many years ago. Their desire to pass trends and have the ability to appear as natural on the shelves of high end boutiques as on those of a local skate shop sets them apart from the rest as they fuse artistry and fashion flawlessly with every season., they're also one of our go to destinations on Fairfax whenever we can't find one of our favorite tees. 

RVCA's Artist Network Program (ANP)  is something we couldn't be behind anymore if we tried. The ongoing program aims to showcase the talent of accomplished as well as unknown artists who inspire this generation and push boundaries of creativity, providing something of substance and culture - see why we love them?

Oh, and one last thing in case you've been making an ass out of yourself for years...the V is pronounced as a U... you're welcome