Growing up in North London, Oran’s bedroom walls were draped with posters of macabre imagery, drooling zombies and heavy metal icons; his shelves overflowed with Alice Cooper vinyl, VHS tapes and copies of ‘Fangoria’ magazine. Somewhere in this sea of fervent imagery, Oran discovered he could create his own pictures and he set to work – photographing friends, rock gigs, international travel, even old toys – anything could become a subject for his camera. The years have passed but Oran’s passion for finding the perfect shot has never waned. After a BA in Contemporary Media Practice at the University of Westminster he became a fixture of the live music scene, shooting everywhere from open-air festivals to sweaty basement venues in search of raw, intense music and images. His body of work includes portraits, band promos, fashion, products and events. His shots have appeared in ‘Terrorizer’, ‘Classic Rock presents Prog’, ‘Attitude Clothing’, ‘Kerrang!’, as well as websites and album sleeves. A former picture editor, he knows what his clients want and has the post-production skills to make the most of each image.

Oran works with unique musicians and models dripping with punk aggression but shoots with a sharp-eyed clarity and detail. He finds the intimate moments between the shots; the candid glances or unplanned gestures that show us the beating hearts underneath the attitude.


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