Question one: What happens when you get one of the BEST online stores and mash it up with a so hot it's melting Aussie jewelry brand? Question two: What happens when those two ingredients are mixed with a number one stunner and a drool worthy location? The answer to both of the questions, but of course is the above set of images.

Captured by photographer Ben Kelly in the studio of before mentioned jewelry brand Black Deville, STR8UP threads have delivered yet again. Known for their on point imagery (that the likes of Knight Cat and countless other BlogLovin destinations are constantly re-blogging, we couldn't pass up the opportunity to show you their latest offering, you're welcome.


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Or peep the instagrams of everyone who was at this ridiculously hot party @BEN_KELLY_PHOTO // MUSE @JORGIA_DUNN // STYLIST @GABWALLER // CREATIVE DIRECTION @HARLEY_WOOLVEN