From the age of 13, @littlelobby had a strong and vibrant career in beauty and fashion modeling for more than fifteen years. These days she's taking her knowledge of the industry to the other side of the lens. Whilst her boyfriend @active_child_life has a heavy infatuation for the ocean and natures beauty, they've now joined forces using their different styles and interests within the same shoot to capture two unique stories from within the same setting
The pair love their home city of Newcastle, and have decided to 'show off' the unmistakable back drop of the steel works and coal trains of which the humble city is built upon. 

Make up artist Ilona was beyond excited to and some sparkle and colour as a contrast to the harsh back drop on the face of Newcastle rising star being @teganphillipa with such unusual beauty that turns every head. The duo set quite the task for stylist @nicolelucasstylist but once again her vivid and creative mind pieced together some exceptional garments to bring together the vision of our photographers joint project @sodamnsquishy to life.


Stalk their instagrams:  @sodamnsquishy // MUSE: @teganphillipa // MUA: @ilonakishmakeupartist // STYLE: @nicolelucasstylist