At Last Daze we feel that the story teller is just as important as the story being told, and so we took some time out with some our favorites behind the lens to get to know them a little better. Toronto born, inspiration dealing Kadeem Ellis kindly answered a few questions that we threw his way:

What are you influenced by, and what led you to take up photography?

 My main influences are drawn from music and movies. I like to incorporate music into my photos because I find it helps complete the vision I have in mind and movies because they are just amazing visuals (ex. City of God). This is pretty much what led me to take up photography because I constantly had images in my head and wanted to start bringing them to life.


Do you remember the first photo you ever took? What was it?

Yes, it was of a homeless man who had one of the words on his sign misspelled. I wish I still had that photo right now.


What has been your favorite photo, or series of photos you have ever taken?

Man, that’s a tough one. Each photo I’ve taken over the last 3 years is special. But if I were to pick a series of photos I like to revisit, I would have to say my Betty and Veronica series because I walked into the shoot initially only shooting one model (Betty)and the other girl (Veronica) showed up after and I just felt like it worked and the photos and video turned out great.


Hypothetical question: It’s the last photo you will ever take, and there is no limit to what you create. What do you capture, where is the location and who is in it?    

                                             RIHANNA FOR VOGUE BRASIL

                                             RIHANNA FOR VOGUE BRASIL

The last photo I ever take. It would be in a jungle, I would have cheetahs on set because that’s my favourite animal accompanied by a group of young women and men ( most likely my favourite celebrities mixed in with my friends) I would have to throw in some dope customized Jeep Wranglers with huge headlights on the top of them. I’ll call this shoot “Life’s a movie” and the main objective is to showcase the dopest party the world has ever seen. This is such a tough question because a year from now my response may change. All I know is that the photos would have to reflect a good time because that’s what I’m all about.




                                        WIZ KALIFA SHOT BY KADEEM ELLIS

                                        WIZ KALIFA SHOT BY KADEEM ELLIS

Who would you love to photograph?

I would love to photograph Rihanna


What’s the most unexpected thing that people could discover about you?

I’m extremely camera shy.


We believe that every tee has a story, what is your favorite tee and what is the story behind why it’s your fave?

I’m a pretty simple guy when it comes to fashion sense. So a lot of my tee’s are plain white, black or grey. The only graphic tee’s I have comes from a brand called Legends League that I’ve shot for. They have two specific slogans on their tee’s that stand out to me. One that says “BHBG” standing for broken hearted bastard gang which resonates with me because heartbreak inspires great photos and “FUCK LUCK” because I don’t believe in luck & any great opportunity that lands in your lap, you worked for it.



Where can we find you?

Website: www.kadeemellis.com

Instagram: @kadeemellis

Other: www.kadeemellis.tumblr.com




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