alexia mariani



Born in the South of France, Alexia moved to Milan in 2012, so this lucky talent gets to spend her time between two of Europe's most sought after destinations. With her first editorial feature going live for Last Daze this week , we had to get to know a little more about Alexia and how that incredibly creative mind of hers works. 


What are you influenced by, and what led you to take up photography?

I’m influenced by everything that surrounds me, by my personal experiences, and by the land whose fascinated me since I’m a child, America. 

Do you remember the first photo you ever took? What was it?

For my eighth birthday my family gave me an Olympus ( with films). I do not remember exactly the first pictures I took with that and it is certainly better that way! But I do remember the first prepared shot I took, it was a wet rose on a wrought iron table. I changed it later to make it black and white with a very dark light. I was 13 and I had stolen the idea from the movie The Phantom of the Opera.

What has been your favorite photo, or series of photos you have ever taken?

The series I shot for Last Daze of course! ;)

Who would you love to photograph?

Quentin Tarantino. He’s been my idol since I’m 12.

Hypothetical question: It’s the last photo you will ever take, and there is no limit to what you create. What do you capture, where is the location and who is in it?

Benicio Del Toro, with just santiag boots on in the Mojave Desert. That would be great!

We believe that every tee has a story, what is your favorite tee and what is the story behind why it’s your fave? That’s an hard question because I have a huge collection of tees. If I have to choose, probably my oversize plain white tee that i got since years and that i personalized with holes, tearings, cuts… It’s my favourite because every time i’m wearing it I spend amazing and specials moment; family diners, summer holidays, boat trips, dates… and it makes my boobs look great!

Where can we find you?


Instagram: alexia.mphotography