"In today's world there are many ways to communicate. Social Media has made it possible to connect instantly with someone 1,000 miles away. But what do you do when you can no longer communicate through spoken word? Sometimes body language can speak volumes when words can't. Bradley Arthur, a fashion and lifestyle photographer from Washington DC*, flawlessly stops time in this set, and with a little twist"

"Tarja is completely deaf so it was a new experience not being able to communicate with words. However she was comfortable as she was beautiful & it was no problem."

Shooting exclusively on film, both 35mm and Polaroids, its easy to see how confident he is in being able to produce perfection in what is now a digital world. "I shoot film because of the nostalgic feeling it gives. The beautiful vintage tones which film produces is unmatched by any digital format. My goal is to inspire others through my work and continue to keep film photography alive in a time where megapixels and high definition have become the standard" ..what's not to love?


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