Last Daze, meet Melissa

"I was born near the sea in the region of Urabá in a small coastal town called Turbo Antioquia along with a family that made me free and I let fly from an early age to start discovering and living experiences that have made the person I am . I 'm Audiovisual communicator at the University of Medellin , I 'm photograph in the photographic project docile and currently living in Medellin Colombia and I am 23 years old. My photographs a tribute to the woman sensuality, sexuality but as objects of enjoyment for herself not to satisfy a culture or fit in a given circle. The woman as inspiration where she exposes her sensuality for your enjoyment to live freely and without taboos. My photographic work is not based on a specific technique , but according to those small details that captured by that decisive moment that becomes unique and becomes art ."


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