My name is Ramon Jamar, I am a film photographer based out of Baltimore. I've been shooting 100% film for about a year now; mostly medium format cameras.

But it was after watching the documentary about Vivian Maier that photography became my true passion and film my chosen style. In a world where instant gratification is expected; film forces the shooter to slow down and focus on his subject. There is no preview and with a limited number of shots, one must rely on their creativity to get the most out of a session. It's the process I love! 

The story rainy day was created with the beautiful Canadian Model Mikayla Andrea. She and I met on Instagram and made plans to shoot in Center City, Philadelphia. However, by the time I arrive to her place it was pouring rain. So we decided to make the most of situation and we shot the story in her apartment. I used both medium format and 35mm camera and one of my favorite film stocks, Kodak T-Max 400


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