Born in Hong Kong in 1983 to Danish parents, Mikkel Kristensen is a Copenhagen based snapshot photographer and co-founder of Copenhagen born party-turned-fashion brand POPcph.

Mikkel began taking photos of the colourful guests at the underground ‘POP’ parties he hosted with friend & designer Kasper Henriksen in the late 00’s. In 2008 the two friends launched POPcph as a mens & womenswear brand ‘inspired by these, and all tomorrow’s parties…’

Through his work as POP’s marketing & art director, Mikkel found new purpose with his fascination for analogue film, snapshot aesthetics & beautiful creatures and started photographing friends and models wearing the clothes in hotel rooms and stunning sites around the world.

Besides POPcph’s official campaigns, Mikkel has published stories with the likes of Sticks & Stones Agency, C-Heads Magazine, YAF Magazine & Off The Rails Magazine and exhibit via the physical and online gallery Stolen Moments Gallery


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