Born and raised in Santurce, Puerto Rico, the talented Stephanie Segarra, is someone that we just HAD to have featured on last Daze. her fun and fresh approach to photography with pop colors and the most colorful characters has us quickly opening our emails every time her name pops up in our inbox. We sat down with this talented little lady and asked her a few of our Spotlight Questions

What are you influenced by, and what led you to take up photography? 

Many different types of photography, illustration and overall colors influence me! My favorite photographers include Tim Walker, Gavriel Maynard, Olivia Bee, amongst others. I also love movies!!!  Originally I wanted to be a film director, I had taken a summer camp at the Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico when I was 16 and it literally changed the way I saw movies forever. I eventually enrolled to study Audiovisual Communications but when I took the Photography Class I was totally inspired to take fashion pictures. I started to play with my best friend, taking pictures of her and after that I didn’t want to do anything else. 

Do you remember the first photo you ever took? What was it?

When I was ten my mom enrolled me in a couple of classes at La Liga de Arte and one of them was 35mm photography and development in black and white. At the time I just saw it as some fun I was having, I remember taking a picture of a Garita which is an architectural structure part of the fortresses of Old San Juan. My teacher said it was good and I remember being really proud of it. Now days I would’ve never taken that picture, it’s one of those things that appear on postcards they sell at tourist shops. 

What has been your favorite photo, or series of photos you have ever taken? 

My favorite photo ever I have to admit has to be one I took of Agatha last year, she’s a Puertorrican model who was living in New York at the time and came to visit. I asked her for some pictures and we went to a Bakery that had some blue tiles. She’s posing like crouching and reading a notebook with an illustration of an eye on it and some socks that have eyes on it too. I just love the composition and colors.  


Who would you love to photograph? 

So many people!!! I would absolutely love to photograph Tilda Swinton. She has such an interesting face and also she’s an amazing actress. Or maybe Fernanda Hin Lin Ly. She has to be one of the cutest living people! I love her pouty lips and pink hair!  

Hypothetical question: It’s the last photo you will ever take, and there is no limit to what you create. What do you capture, where is the location and who is in it? 

M.I.A at the White Temple in Thailand! It has so much detail and it’s such a mystical place! Or maybe Tavi Gevinson in Japan, something with multiple models and lots of colors! Or even David Bowie in the desert landscapes of Arizona!  


Whats the most unexpected thing that people could discover about you? 
I love to sing and dance, mind you I’m awful at both these things but it doesn’t stop me from doing it all the time when I’m with my friends.  

We believe that every tee has a story, what is your favorite tee and what is the story behind why it’s your fave? 

I have so many of them!!! But I guess the one I would buy again if it ever gets in such a horrible condition would be a Dinosaur Jr. shirt that has the cover of Green Mind on it. The cover is a photograph of a little girl smoking a cigarette. It’s from a book called Almost Grown by Joseph Szabo. I love this picture. 

Where can we find you?


Instagram: @stephisadork