The international babe of babes Sara Tansy, was a no brainer when we were thinking of which talent we'd love to feature next in our Photographer Spotlight The model, photographer, creator and owner of the coolest duck in the world, there's pretty much nothing that this babe can't do. Born in Fiji, half Texan, half English, Sara Tansy was something amazing from day 1. After sailing around the world in a yacht for 16 years, she now calls Australia home. here's a little more into the genius that is Sara Tansy


Where are you based? 

Melbourne, Australia & I travel globally with photography & modelling frequently

What are you influenced by, and what led you to take up photography? 

I'm not entirely sure what I'm influenced by, I don't research much and it comes instinctively.. I'm inspired by emotion, light, sexuality, symbolism, strong lines, body language and emotion. Reflections, Shadows, Natural Vignettes and Nudes feature heavily in my work presently.

Do you remember the first photo you ever took? What was it?

A series of images of a tree in my parents backyard, New Zealand, 2003. Dark empty branches, full clusters of fire engine red berries, against a clear blue winter sky. I thought I was SO arty.

What has been your favorite photo, or series of photos you have ever taken?  Every shoot I do, becomes my new favorite images ever! The Coming Home to You shoot for Last Daze was definitely a stand out in the last few months " I also have a fondness for a black and white series I shot 4 years ago on Venice Beach Boardwalk, when I was still learning the ropes. They remind me of some of Max Dupaine's early work .. 

Who would you love to photograph? 

Karl Lagerfeld & his cat Choupette, Chet Faker, Bob Dylan ( I was named after his song 'Sara'), The Rolling Stones, Mario Testino

Hypothetical question: It’s the last photo you will ever take, and there is no limit to what you create. What do you capture, where is the location and who is in it? 

It'd have to be the ultimate Tansy's Tasteful Nude Self Portrait – taken in zero gravity at the space station, wearing chanel jewelry, with Louie Duck flying around me and the Earth in the background  

Whats the most unexpected thing that people could discover about you?  

That I was born in Fiji, sailed around the world on a yacht for 16 years, am entirely homeschooled and self taught, and own a pet duck.

We believe that every tee has a story, what is your favorite tee and what is the story behind why it’s your fave? 

My favorite tee is an old, worn and faded mickey mouse tee that I stole/borrowed from my mum years ago.. I remember her wearing it all the time when I was a kid on the boat in the tropics, it's now the perfect summer jeans combo

Where can we find you?


Instagram: @letans