“What seems real one moment is fiction the next and out of existence the moment after that. Nostalgia is the greatest enemy of truth, and change our only constancy.” My inner voice was telling me to first learn my boundaries, to explore my own emotional depth and find the patterns that could lead to dissatisfaction. I chose my own path in life: a journey of self-expression and experimentation, ultimately in search of the only truth that is fully accessible to myself: my truth. Perhaps my ingenuity and deep memory is bound to alienate myself from the present world and it’s surroundings. See, but when you search for your own truth, you’ll encounter things, new things, exciting things, all by yourself. And while this can be overwhelming, you’ll slowly but surely realize that being alone, first of all, gives you immense amounts of freedom, but most importantly, that being alone does not equal being lonely. Being alone means embracing yourself and opening up to new understanding.


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