Last Daze, meet Manuel Puhl:

"He was born 1989 on 27th of January in Germany. Southwest. Just a small village. There‘s no need to give it a name. After a few tryouts and struggling with different options he decided to study Communication Design. And made it. He gratuated this year from The Design School Trier. Bachelor of Arts Communication Design. Sounds kind of surreal. But anyway. During he pushed his passion as far as possible. Photography. His only love besides his real love. Actually he started with an Olympus 35 RC which is tattooed on his forearm now. Some nostalgic reasons I guess. Here could stand a lot about him but who wants to know? Let the pictures speak. Because that‘s what they do. They speak their own language."


Peep his work here:

Or stalk the Instagrams @k_f_k_o // MUSE: @vaniillette