If you don'r already know the Instagram account @nastia.jpg .. where have you been? This amazing talent is someone going places fast, and we are obsessed with everything she does. Her first set for Last Daze is of no exception, she's amazing and Le Terrain is just a sample of what's instore for Nastia and Last Daze...watch this space! We're totally obsessed.

About this set : "For this series I wanted no makeup artist, no stylist or anybody else. Just this wonderful couple & me. My goal was to create an intimacy and document the love between these two young lovers.  I shot with Noemy a few months a go and I did not know she had a boyfriend then. While we were taking photographs together we had a little chat about boys and I remember her talking about a boy. It's was lovely to learn that they are together now. When I met the couple it did not take long for me to feel the very strong tension between them. It's a new couple and you can feel that they are in in their beginning."


Peep her work here: www.nastiacloutierignatiev.com

Or stalk the instagram: @nastia.jpg // MUSES : @noemygalarneau and her lover Ludovic @lud_tardif both from Montage Models @montagemodels