"Often in today’s society the thought of losing phone reception, or mobile service on your smart phone, sounds as bad as the end of the world. Modernly because you wont be able to post that Instagram selfie or text your girlfriend for the 87th time that day, and, pre Gen Y, because you literally might be stuck somewhere with no help or access to suitable resources. 

The concept however, of realising that in our busy congested society, sometimes the best cure to stress is just to flick the ‘No Service’ switch on in your life and head off on a peaceful journey by yourself... or with someone special…"

Matt Cheel is  a 20-year-old part time photographer, full time filmmaker living in Brisbane, AUS. Being a passionate filmmaker he has always had an eye for visual content. while he has now discovered a new, innovative love for photography he believes he will always classify himself as a filmmaker/producer having dramatically progressed in the last 2 years. We cannot wait to see what 2016 has on the cards for him - we're slightly obsessed!


Stalk the instagrams @mattcheel // MUSE : @maraluysal