You've probably heard that not all those who wander are lost... But if you do get lost, that's where you find the beauty and the rawness of unknown adventures. I'm not afraid to wander the unknown, I guess I'm afraid I'll never find it…..I love creating & capturing moments to somehow tell some kind of story about this colourful & contrasting wild world we live in....I find there's always this beautiful rawness about exploring new places & experiencing different lifestyles..I find so much love and inspiration in exploring the nature around me in the places I choose to go, or wherever the wind blows me.. I don't usually plan where I am going to end up.. I just love to explore new places.. to see it all with my own eyes.. to create my own story..Wanderlust seems to be this strange kind of intense desire I have, to keep traveling, to somehow understand my own existence. In places where I know nothing or no-one, I seem to find a new side of myself.. A side of me that I didn't know before..


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