Ash Kumar started Native Youth in 2012. Born and bred in Manchester, UK, he has always been passionate about fashion and travel, and felt the time was right for a new brand – designed in England, proud of its roots and history, but open to influences and inspiration from his travels around the world. Sounds like a brand we want to get involved with right? 

Ash and the team are all inspired to create collections that are timeless; created for the youth but versatile enough in their innovation to translate to every generation. What started out as a 30 piece menswear collection has now grown to a full range of mens and womens ready-to-wear and accessories collections. their latest offering for this season is a twist for LD, traditionally we're all about those vintage tees and Cali sun, but with the shift to winter, although lets be real California winters aren't bad, we're pretending to rug up with our English sisters and all about this story. 

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