Brooke Mitchell-Olimpieri is a Las Vegas based fashion designer whose line Filthy Mouth Clothing or FMC launched in 2008. FMC uses deadstock and vintage fabrics whenever possible. Brooke thrives to make FMC as environmentally conscious as possible. Because of this, every item has a limited stock, and cannot be duplicated. Every piece of FMC is handmade, nothing is ever manufactured.  Ontop of this, she's a killer photographer and stylist. With an eye for detail and the ability to capture an audience in just one shot, there's a reason we're completely obsessed with Brooke and Filthy Mouth Creative.

A little more about the set: "Savy is a major muse of mine. I've been creating with her for years. She's a natural beauty, not a stitch of makeup on, and a face just stunning. She reminds me of a girl that would be your neighbor, but dating Mick Jagger low key. She's a true free spirit, her energy is fun & free its contagious. She belongs living decades before she was born. This little story is reminiscent of a time in which I think she would have been, she's a total love stoner. "


Peep her work here:

Or stalk on social media:  STYLING/PHOTOGRAPHY: @FilthyMouthCreative // MUSE @savy.wade