Give Hunter a camera and drop him anywhere in the planet and he will be content…and probably make some best friends too. Moving around the planet, meeting people, telling stories, is the life he has created for himself.

In 2005, after losing everything in Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, is when he discovered his passion for photography. Making the best out of his situation he decided to spin the globe and hop on a plane, landing in the Czech Republic, and finding himself fully infected with the travel bug. Shortly after arriving in Prague, he found his place in the film industry, using the earnings from each job to see a new part of the world. Always a camera around his neck.

After 4 years of Europe, he came back to a healing New Orleans, with a thriving motion picture industry, diving in head first.

Over the years he worked on handfuls of feature films large and small, with directors like Rian Johnson, Shane Carruth, Quentin Tarantino, to name a few.

After 10 years he broke from Hollywood and decided to focus on his photography career to see where the lens would take him. 

He now splits his time between New Orleans and Los Angeles, when not wandering the planet.

In a sense, photos are memories. Images that can recollect the details of an instant in life. Without them, sometimes these memories can get lost in the happenings of our fast lives. Hunter’s fly on the wall approach to photography evokes honest storytelling. The ability to be present with subjects while at the same time capturing the story happening around them.


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