Claudia is a 22-year- old, upcoming fashion photographer from Glasgow, Scotland. Desperate to break free from the confines of the country, she looks to emulate an, almost, ‘California cool’ style in her work. Deeply inspired by the effortless photographs of Dennis Hopper, the romanticised flair of Jason Lee Parry and femininity of Jennifer Stenglein – she hopes to have a balance of all the elements in her work. Her biggest goal when shooting is that the entire team feels comfortable and has a lot of fun; that’s how the best pictures are achieved. Although still in the very early stages of her career, she has big ambitions and a total belief that she will get where she longs to be; all it will take is for someone to take a chance on her.


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Or stalk the instagrams: @claudiabird // MUSE: @holliethomas_xo