Rafal Michalak, b. 1971.
He lives and worksin Wroclaw, Poland. He studied political science and public relations. For many years he has been professionally related to advertising industry and commercial photography. At present he is studying photography at the Academy of Art and Design in Wroclaw.

In his own work Rafal Michalak prefers traditional, analogue photography methods, which in his opinion are a stronger photographic medium, yet capable of retaining subtle nuances and a multidimensional character of his works.

Human being as individuality and its place in the so fast altering world are the key factors of Michalak’s photographic research. His artistic vision is mainly concentrated on women, who – as he claims – are much more intriguing then men – filled with mystery and ambiguity their souls seem to be more complex.

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Peep his work here: www.rafalmichalak.com