Holly Horne, has been one of our favorite muses from the very first issue of Last Daze. We have loved her from day one, and that love grows every day, so what good would this love be without asking her to come on board for one of the ultimate story telling holidays, Halloween. With our favorite holiday upon us, it was a no brainer that we get her and lens magician Haris Nukem together and what they came up with was more than a treat. Nukem portrays a darker, grittier side to fashion photography and has a way of capturing an audience with just one click, admit it, you've stared at this set at least 4 times now, he's mesmerising, and the two together, simply magic. Get behind these amazing creatives, it's the best type of trick or treat you can imagine. 


Peep his work here: http://www.harisnukem.com/

Or stalk the instagrams: @harisnukem //MUSE  @holly.horne