At Last Daze, we are one big happy international family. We love the fact that we can bring to you the crazy amazing talent that this world has. We love the fact that we can introduce you to characters that perhaps you may never of come across had you not jumped online. Because there's a stack of people doing rad things out there, and we only like the raddest of rad. So, that being said, we'd like you to meet our latest heroe. HoMie. 

Brought to you by popular Facebook page Homeless of Melbourne, which aims to break down the stigma attached to homelessness and create more awareness surrounding the issue. If you haven't heard of HoMie, get involved already. So the low down is this - HoMie is a streetwear store in Melbourne Australis that sells first-hand clothes to the public at normal retail prices. However, each time a purchase is made in HoMie, an item of clothing is donated to a person experiencing homelessness in Melbourne. 

Donations to the homeless community are facilitated through monthly ‘VIP Shopping’ events in HoMie, where those experiencing homelessness are ‘HoMie VIP customers’. On those shopping days, HoMie VIPs are invited in store to receive five free items of first-hand clothing, food, coffee, haircuts, educational workshops.... check this event: 

Open since July this year, HoMie offers a variety of local and international street wear to the public, they have also just recently had their own HoMie label co branded with big name Stussy in support of what they do. As if this wasn't enough, these babes took it one step fuither and just dropped their first ever Womens apparel line up, …HoMie 4 Her! ‪#‎H4H

In the past year alone, over 85,000 women have sought out a homelessness service in Australia. Despite common misconceptions and a common trend of victim-blaming in society, the sheer fact of the matter is that domestic (and family) violence are the leading causes of homelessness for women and their children. The statistics surrounding domestic violence and homelessness are a scar on the face of Australia, and HoMie are very passionate about making a positive contribution to this long-standing issue.

"We are so very grateful for all the support we've had thus far in allowing us to develop HoMie. HoMie 4 Her will provide us an exciting opportunity to focus on issues that are specific to women experiencing homelessness. As with our current unisex range, HoMie will still donate a brand-new item of clothing to a person experiencing homelessness with every purchase made over the counter from the H4H range. We will channel these donations to women-specific issues by connecting with services focused on domestic violence and hosting some "women only" VIP days in 2016.

Not only will the success of the HoMie 4 Her range enable us to provide support and services to women experiencing homelessness and victims of domestic violence, it also allows us to expand our reach and raise awareness of these issues to a wider audience. HoMie customers so far have contributed a staggering amount!!! Through your purchases we have been able to provide six VIP days to over 300 people experiencing homelessness. We hope everyone loves our H4H project us much as we do, and we can’t wait to grow our HoMie family in the coming years.‪#‎imahomie "

Jump straight to their site now and check some of the rad pieces shot by Jess Brohier and Marcus Crook below