Nadz and his muse Coco had talked online for a couple months before they met. Over this period they developed a creative friendship. This was aided by the fact they had a ton of things in common: Anime, Pepperoni pizza and Lolita to name a few. He didn’t know much about astrology until Coco did a reading from her handbook of Chinese horoscopes and told him that they had this cosmic compatibility (something to do with lively debunking). Eventually nadz took a 10 hour drive to meet her, one morning after a night of partying with friends we woke up scattered and a little worse for wear. They had the day free so naturally  decided that the perfect remedy was to chill to tunes, drink champagne and take film snapshots. HELLO KITTY, Nadz, first contribution to LD is the result, and I mean, we couldnt be more thrilled to have him onboard if we tried


Peep his work here : 

Creep the instagrams: PHOTOGRAPHER : @nadzbanaag // MUSE: @cocoallen_ // Additional retouching image 8e: Justin Silva @justinpsilva