Have you ever been scrolling through your Instagram feed and all of a sudden stopped to take in an image? That's what happens when the work of Guido Di Salle suddenly appears on our Iphones. With one of the most engaging styles of photography for a long time, Guido's idea is to expose as much as possible in a single photograph. Seamlessly connecting the art of hair with the art of photography (he's also a killer hairdresser - man of MANY talents!) has earned Guido a first name basis with modelling agencies and models alike. His attention to detail, relentless pursuit of perfection, and innate sense of beauty have made him one of the best hair stylists in Toronto, and a sought after image maker in one of the purest art forms. We took some words from his site, because really,  why mess with something when it's already on point right? The man is a genius! Between owning the hairdressing world and capturing moments of bliss through his lens, Di Salle is one talent that is constantly on the move, we were lucky enough to catch him for two seconds just for you


See more of Guido on his site WWW.GUIDODISALLE.COM

Or stalk the instagrams :  @guidodisalle // @amy_mack_style // HMUA @sheenat.hair