Kent Avery’s journey as a photographer began long before he picked up a camera. Coming of age between New Jersey, Philly and New York City, Kent’s eye for subcultures, grabbing a moment, and making magic from things so drab in daylight were groomed in the in the hardcore punk scene and raves throughout the tri-state area when rebellion and new sound reigned.

Every hero story has a “refusal of the call” chapter, and Kent’s lost years were in marketing and advertising on South Florida, which served, mostly to make him realize the settled life was not for him. Relocating to Los Angeles, photography started as a private — if not secret — pursuit, once again practiced after dark. He honed his skills on long exposure and city lights shots of the Los Angeles skyline, eventually inviting friends to join him as subjects on these midnight runs.

Now ready to take his skills into the light of day, Kent is currently developing a bleeding edge portfolio of portraits, fashion, glamour and lifestyle photography. The camera is, as ever, an extension of an eye ready to grab a moment of rebellion, beauty, and fleeting magic.


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