My name is Loriana. I'm a fashion and portrait photographer from Costa Rica, a little country in Central America with an incredible and rich nature. I'm so lucky to be here, enjoying our paradise.

I started in January 2014 after I met my talented boyfriend, I bought a Pentax K50 camera, and my first year was one of experimentation, but then in 2015 was when I found my style and it’s the style I keep doing to this day. I'm self-taught  and I feel very proud about it. In fact, I'm still a #PentaxLover.

Since I started doing photography I feel whole, and I’m happy in every way. I’ve found what I want to do for the rest of my life, and it is the job I’ve always dreamed of. My photos have to do a lot with my personality, I like being funny, playing with colors, being irreverent in terms of poses and situations, love the "bad behavior" and youth culture, sexy girls and freedom. These are organic, natural images reflecting the everyday. 

I want to explore the world, taking pictures and having fun with people. I'm passionate about nature and wildlife, I love fashion and my boyfriend


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