Lacy Wood is a photographer based out of New York City.  She currently studies at School of Visual Arts where she will be entering her 4th year and hopes to pursue a career Fine Art Photography. "I decided to call this series DayDreamers because my friends and I are young, creative, inspiring, and generous.  We support each other and Dream about the future together.  We think freely and never ask for permission from anyone.  This is an interesting time in our lives because we are at that age where we are slowly turning into adults one day at a time.  We are being tested everyday to see how much we can handle and how well we handle ourselves.  This is a fragile time in our lives where things feel exciting yet terrifying which is exactly why I am obsessed with capturing these moments every single day.  I take these photos because it is a magical period of time for us that I never want to let go of.  I never leave the house without my 35mm point and shoot along with a few extra rolls of film and camera in hand.  I love taking pictures of anything and everything hope to treasure these images and memories for as long as I possibly can.    "


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