Last Daze; meet Nils:

"I'm a 25-year-old photographer from Frankfurt am Main Germany and I shoot on film most of the time. 

I wanted to shoot with Tee for a while now but we couldn't make it happen in the last year so we found a date after 6 months of trying. I just went to Tee's apartment and we decided to shoot an authentic homestory. I would call the story "Cozy Friday" and I hope you like it. We just hung out for a couple hours and burned some rolls of 35mm film through my Canon and my Leica. It was a really cozy Friday morning and we had a good time. Tee did the styling and the make up by herself but we wanted a really natural look so she didn't do too much besides looking great. We got the Jewelry by a good friend of Tee. Her Name is Lena I couldn't meet her till now but I guess she is a nice girl when she is doing such good looking stuff. "


Peep his work here:

Or stalk the instagrams: @niselh // MUSE : @catzillalovesyou