Hobart raised Melbourne living, shooting all over the world, Laura Carrick is a name you want to remember. having already made waves in the visual community with her inspired aesthetic and sheer ease at creating narrative through a lens, you've probably double tapped her work on Instagram without even realizing. For California Dreaming, Laura says "The energy in the desert and amongst the mountains at Joshua Tree is indescribable. They are both such hypnotic places. Even for its vastness, you can just feel how much nature-driven energy is out there. We watched the sunset at Joshua Tree and it was one of the most magical experiences of my life. Apart from haven a fun day taking photos, we got to experience something insanely beautiful. I think that our images are a perfect reflection on our day. We felt like we were in the late 70’s, driving around the California desert listening to The Rolling Stones and Fleetwood Mac in a haze of pure bliss and inspiration." ...we think she pretty much nailed it, anyone else up for a roadtrip?


Check Laura's site now www.lauracarrick.com

or lurk the insta's @LAURACARRICK and muse Tash @GYPSY_WANDERING