“If you don’t change direction, you may end up where you are heading.”

Have you ever been to a place that instantly made you feel like you’d just plunged into a void that swirled with colours you could not name, that spun faster and faster around you, until you couldn’t separate yourself from the ground you stood upon and colour of the sunset on the horizon? California did that to me. I live for those times. Whether it’s the iconic Malibu scenic coastland, the awe-inspiring LA sunsets, eating a warm churro on the Santa Monica pier, Melrose and its raw artistic language, downtown’s creative solidarity, or even just that single flickering Hollywood streetlight at 5 minutes to midnight. Losing myself in my art, in a distant place, with different artists, miles away from home, is the ultimate rush. The joy of dreaming and then comprehending its possibility is the most beautiful gift California gave me.


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