Last Daze, meet our newest addition to the family, Graham Burwell 

"I'm a 24 year old cat-loving, ukulele-strumming, beauty-seeking, freelance photographer based in Santa Barbara, CA.  After moving to SB from Colorado six years ago to attend Brooks Institute (graduated 2013), I became infatuated with California culture and the dream-like daze of SoCal's youth and summers.  My personal work/portraits exude those "Eternal California Summer" vibes.  I spent my final semester of college in Paris: to shoot with modeling agencies, finish my final classes for my Bachelor's Degree, and attend Paris Fashion Week.  Not a day goes by where I don't daydream about that city.  For my eighth birthday, a friend gifted me a Polaroid camera.  Since then, photography has always been of interest to me.  It wasn't until I started taking photography classes in high school that it turned into a passion and a career choice."


Peep their work here:

PHOTO: @lomograham  // MUSE: @tallara   // HAIR: @bri_oro // MAKEUP: @vanessasbellamakeup

WARDROBE: @jachsny @blanknyc @theoneshowroom