Holly Horne, has been one of our favorite muses from the very first issue of Last Daze. we have loved her from day one and been honored with this latest set that features our original muse. We have nothing but love and are so proud of our favorite muse's growth, here's a little more about the set: 

"'The Golden Girl' was a title I'd given the set, as Haris has told me before he doesn't usually give titles at all. Although an obvious choice of name, it's not just about the gold oil I'm smothered in. It's not to shock my mother at home that I'm naked. It was about artistically creating work together. Our harmony was wonderful, Haris made me remember that I am who I am, and no one else can be that. This shoot gave me a confidence I thought I'd lost. I felt golden. And I will never forget or stop thanking H for being exactly who he is."


Peep his work here: http://www.harisnukem.com/

Or stalk the instagrams: @harisnukem //MUSE  @holly.horne