Brooke Olimpieri is a photographer, stylist, and creative director based in Las Vegas & Los Angeles. Completely self taught, she uses her never-ending curiosity to create unique concepts. Her work is heavily inspired by the era in which she was born. The 80's and early 90's play a huge role in her styling as well as her creative direction. She shoots mainly on 35mm film. Her first camera a Canon AE-1 was gifted to her as a teenager by her father. She believes the raw texture of film is incomparable.

A little more about the day "It was a beautifully sung day, it actually felt like spring. I opened all the windows and let in the gorgeous light, Cory came over to my place. We listened to Tom Petty & Fleetwood Mac. She has the most classic all American beauty, no makeup necessary. I fed her fruit, she played me a song on the guitar. It felt like 1969.  Im dying to shoot her again...."


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Or stalk on social media:  STYLING/PHOTOGRAPHY: @FilthyMouthCreative // MUSE:  @CorynnOceana