It takes alot to stand out from the crowd nowadays. with a market full of copycats and wannabes, to be something, to give something back, to make people stop and absorb your message, that's something that you cannot buy. Robin Waters has that. The amazing talent behind the success that is Don't Blow The Illusion, is the type of creative that you have on your vision board, in fact you probably have most of her work or images of her label on your inspiration boards, she's that rad. her first feature for Last Daze, "American Dream" stars muse Tara Elliott is a Canadian actress who Waters has been shooting with out of fun and boredom for years and they've become great friends through playing muse and photographer.

"American Dream"  is just a glimpse into the perfection that is her flawless ability to tell a story through the lens of her camera. Styled to perfection with her brilliant eye for detail and knack for creating a true sense of wanderlust, get ready to see more from this amazing talent on Last Daze.


Peep her work here and shop not only her prints but also her amazing appatel and swimwear at  at :

Or stalk the instagram of her amazing vision at @ROBINWATERSPHOTO muse @TARA.M.ELLIOTT