It's one of our favorite muses, Jessie Andrews, as we've never featured her before, behind the lens. Jessie, clearly a genius infront and behind the lens was generoud enough to share her vision with Last Daze. A true talent on and off camera, here's what happened when she was recently in Bali with babes Maya Stepper and Charelle Schriek

"Maya, Charelle and I spent about 5 hours driving around Bali to find a store that sold glitter. Finally we got our hands on some for this idea we really wanted to do. It came to my last day and we still hadn't used the glitter and I was flying at 11 am. So naturally we woke up at 7 am to shoot. We spent about 2 hours chasing the sun in and out of clouds, and it was well worth it. These girls are truly flawless humans inside and out. I'm so happy I got to capture their beauty on film in such an intimate relaxed way."


Peep her work here: @jessieandrews

MUSES: @mayastepper // @charelleschriek