Last Daze, meet Darci, our latest crush:

"I was born and raised in Australia where I surfed professionally before moving to LA. Growing up I worked primarily with surf photographers. Photography for me was always just an art form I admired from a distance and respected profoundly. My family are all creatives and I've grown up surrounded with a love of film, photography and design.  I've always found the satisfaction of freezing a moment in reality infectious, whether that be writing or just filming my friends to the point of annoying them. I started taking my own photos naturally when I moved to LA and was thrown into a vortex of creatives, coming from a small town in Australia the energy of this city, driven by ambition was so foreign to me; everyone from your boyfriend/girlfriend, friends, waiters to your Uber Drivers have a unique story and passion which brings them to LA.  I shoot my friends, here in this story I've shot my insanely talented best friend Phoebe. I'm grateful for social media it's afforded me opportunities that may not have been possible without yet it's hard not to see your feed inundated with the "same" girls, photos that have been so heavily photoshopped the subject is unrecognizable. These photos of Phoebe have not been Photoshopped! "


Stalk the Instagrams @darciegan // MUSE @phoebetorrance